Friday, April 12, 2013

Sweet Shoppe Saturday 4/13

In need of some fitness inspiration? Fitspo has you covered! Fitspo, a collaboration by Traci Reed & Libby Pritchett, is a funky, bright, messy digital scrapbooking kit that exudes inspiration and bursts of energy that's just right to keep you on the go and get you through the last mile. You've been there once or twice, when your commitment suddenly feels like it's not as strong as before, and you just need that one more push to get going... Fitspo = Fitness + Inspiration, is full of all things fun and all prompts true and a reflection of your everyday drive for just a little more progress. 

If you're looking for some layout inspiration, be sure to check out the Facebook gallery for this kit with even more samples!

And finally, I just have to thank all of you for sticking with me during the Health Kwest competition. I'm thrilled to say that today was the final day of the contest, but it is NOT the final day of my new healthy lifestyle! During the 60 day challenge, I lost 24.5lbs, but I gained so much more in the changes I've made in my diet and the exercise I've incorporated into my life. Now that the contest is over, I'm back on my game with my design work, so you can start looking for solo kits from me again starting next week!

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