Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Not enough hours in the day

Well, my last chatty post indicated that it was almost the official beginning of the summer, and that would explain my absence over the past week and a half or so!

My daughter arrived on the 17th, and Jeff's son came this past Friday. It's been non-stop action since then! We always have such big plans for things to do while the kids are with us, but we almost always run out of time to do it all. There really just aren't enough hour in the day! Between trying to work on my kits (my poor CT has been so patient as I have been getting things to them later than usual), projects around the house (you should SEE how nice my back porch looks after my 6 hr work day yesterday!), and trying to spend time with the kids, I've found that some things are gonna have to give. I'm just hoping it isn't my sanity! LOL

Today we have an exciting trip to the laundromat to keep us entertained (I need a new ginormous washing machine so I can fit my comforter in it and can avoid trips to the laundromat!). Then tonight, we have the $1 movies... can't beat cheap family entertainment!

So, if you don't hear much out of me over the next 4 weeks or so, you'll know it's because I'm busy trying to stay afloat while the kids are here. I keep telling myself that I'll get back to the swing of things once school starts back in August!

Have a great summer!

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Mary (Happy Now) said...

Enjoy your time with the kids! Fun!

And your kits are always worth waiting for!! :)