Monday, May 02, 2011

A new direction

It's the start of a new week, a new month, AND a new direction here on my blog!

If you aren't a regular reader of the Sweet Shoppe Blog you may not realize that we just started something that we're calling 365 Days of Bliss. Each day a different member of our staff will be posting a little insight into their daily lives. We'll have everything from recipes to craft projects to vacations to celebrations! The goal is to get back to what digital scrapbooking is all about... people and memories.

As I wrote up the first post for 365 Days of Bliss yesterday, it occurred to me that I was missing that personal connection on my own blog. I remember the old days where I'd share about what I was reading, what movies I was watching, or what was going on in my personal life. I really miss those days and have decided to get back to it!

So, starting today, you're going to see a new direction on my blog. My goal is to give a mix of personal tidbits along with my design projects. I'll still showcase new products, have tutorials, and occasional contests and freebies. But I want to get back to what made me fall in love with scrapbooking to begin with... the memories.

When I started scrapbooking (with PAPER!) back in 1998, I was a new mom who took pictures of EVERYTHING. I have to admit that these days, it's rare for me to even get my camera out at all. I scrapbook so infrequently now, and I know I'm missing out on tons of stories. So by keeping my blog more personal, I hope that it encourages me to record those moments that would otherwise be lost forever. And hey, I just might even get back to scrapbooking for myself now and then, too! What a novel concept! ;)

So, I'll start by sharing a layout I did last month. I absolutely LOVE Lauren Grier's designs, so it was super fun for me to scrap this spring break picture of Kendra with La's Can't Hold Me Down kit. This page made me realize how much I miss scrapping just for the heck of it. I used to churn out 25+ layouts a month, and now I'm lucky if I do 10 in an entire year!

So here's to the start of something new! I hope you'll join me for the ride!


Happy Now said...

I'm here, Libby! :) Sounds like fun!

Kimberlee said...

Really cute LO... you are off to a great start. :D

mhrabbit said...

That makes me so happy! I am a huge fan of yours from your paper scrapping days on Scrapjazz. Congrats on your recent marriage - can't wait to catch up with your cute family!

Darcy@SomewhatMuddledMusings. said...

I remember 'meeting' you over at Scrapjazz...and being in such awe when we finally connected up at SSD - one of those "this is one of my scrapping heroes" moments :)

I also love seeing the new direction with the new focus - looks great, Libby!