Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Bunny Hop

I'm sure you have noticed the chocolate bunnies and bags of jelly beans lining the aisles at your local grocery store. And don't forget the handsome shirts & ties or the frilly dresses, too. Put these things together and you guessed it... Easter is almost here!

To scrap all of the photos taken during your festivities, there are several adorable Easter kits in Libby's line up... Cottontail is a boyishly cute Easter kit that could easily be used for girls, too. Dye Job is Libby's newest Easter kit- full of bright colors & perfect for those Easter egg hunts & egg coloring pictures. But today I'm going to put all the focus on Bunny Hop.

Look at all of the fabulous layouts the creative team came up with...
by Christy

by Mary

by Judie

by Christy

To see more inspiration using Bunny Hop, visit Libby's gallery. Oh and did I mention that Bunny Hop is penny candy?? That means it is 30% off! Enjoy!

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Mary (Happy Now) said...

Oh my. I had not yet seen Bunny Hop in the Shoppe. Hello, wishlist! :)