Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Sew Good Stitches

Ahhh, don't you just love the look of stitching on your digital pages? It adds so much to the overall design - texture, depth and a handmade look. It's the perfect finishing touch to any page - and my favorite element to add to both digital and traditional/hybrid creations. Want some great stitching elements to add to your pages? Libby has some awesome Stitch Packs in her store that include several different styles and colors and work with every kit. And the best part about them? No sewing machine or threading needles required!

Want some stitched inspiration? Here is a page I created with Libby's Border Basics Circles and Lines kits:

And here are some fabulous pages I found while browsing through the SSD Gallery:

E & M by Suladesign, using Libby's Basic Stitching Grids:

The Girls by jenn7, using Libby's Wavy Templates 2.0 (with stitching):

To the Moon by Crystalbird, using Libby's Border Basics Square Stitches:
(All layouts are linked to the SSD Gallery for full credits.)

Notice how all these pages look handmade - like you added the stitching yourself? Just the addition of this single element really makes the whole page click. Now I would love to see how you would use stitching to add that special touch to your pages. Feel free to link us up to your favorite stitched pages in the comments and I'll be looking for your stitched creations in the SSD Gallery!

~ Judie (HeyJude)

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