Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hybrid Highlights - Cards

Hi there! Jen Tapler here with a super easy Hybrid Highlight post today. I decided to simply share a few favorite cards I've created recently using some of Libby's new kits and collabs. There's not really a lot of blah blah blah to say about the cards, they're pretty self explanatory, so I'll just get right to it.

How about a generic birthday card to start things off using the fun and colorful Charles Edward Limburger kit?

And here's another (slightly more specific) birthday card, this time for a 5th birthday, using Libby's collab with Jenn Barrette and Julie Billingsley, It's All Fun and Games. I added a stamped sentiment and some fun pom pom trim I picked up at the fabric store to this one:
And finally, here's a thoughtful Be Yourself card using Libby's ultra-versatile music-inspired collab with Meg Mullens, Don't Stop Believing:

And that's it! I hope these cards have inspired you to get crafty and create your own hybrid cards for someone you're thinking of. Happy Crafting!


RobinD said...

Wonderful, Jen. I was wondering what you use for cutting out the fine detail work? Like the word art and also the heart in the third card. Do you use and exacto?

Jen Tapler said...

Robin - Yes, I use a little hobby knife, which is basically an exacto knife. Thanks for the comment!