Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sweet Shoppe Saturday 7/18

Happy Saturday!

Young or old, birthdays are something we just can't escape. So whether you prefer to go bright and bold or a little darker, this collection is for you!

Or buy them both and save big!

My team didn't have much time to work with my kits this week, but I still have a few amazing samples to show you!


RealRach said...

Oh Libby, I'm laughing so hard right now...only you will find this as funny as I do. GO look at your page in the FIX. Look a the ad on the right near you logo...what do you see? LOL hahahahaha Let me know, I'm dying to see if you 'see it' too!

Libby Weifenbach said...

HAAAAAAA! I see it, too!!! I'm cracking UP! I totally didn't notice the first time I looked. (You're a goofball. LOL)

RealRach said...

Open wide and say AHHHHH!

eggshell1976 said...

love the colours