Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Blah. Such a waste.

OK, first of all, who knew that living in northern Arkansas, we'd be dealing with the effects of Gustav? Well, we had rain pouring down all day long, and I was without power a grand total of about 9 hrs.

PLUS Kendra stayed home from school sick.

Blah. This was just a completely wasted day. I'm ready to go to bed and try again tomorrow.

Let's hope that I have power long enough tomorrow that I can finish my kit for the week! LOL!


Dianne said...

OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wishing you oodles of electricity for tomorrow.
Hang in there Loubert!

Alannah J said...

It does stink to be w/o power that long. Glad you're back up. I had lovely experiences w/ Gustav too...I had to drive to Little Rock Tues night and drive home yesterday. Driving in that crud was NO FUN!

Leslie Herbert said...

oh yuck Libby! I know a good electrician!
Hope Kendra is feeling good!