Friday, August 01, 2008

Whew! What a week!

Well, first of all, thank you to all of you who took the time to download my freebie and/or apply for my CT call! I am completely overwhelmed at the response. I will be spending the next few days going over applications and will be letting each applicant know something one way or the other by Aug 5. I hadn't planned on doing guest spots, but after seeing the applications and realizing that i can't have a CT of 60+ girls, I've decided that I'm going to have to go that route, too.

Working working working on a new kit for tomorrow. I'll just say that my son is starting high school in 2 weeks, and that helped get the wheels turning for this kit. ;-)

In other news, things have been really stressful with Marti's health again. I'll spare you all the details, but we're waiting on some news from some lab work he had done this week. Once we get those results, we'll know better which way we need to proceed to diagnose what the problem is.

Who is ready for Breaking Dawn tomorrow!?!?! I can promise you that you won't find me on the computer! LOL! Thank goodness I waited so long to read the first 3. I don't know how I would've waited months and months for this last one like so many others did!

OK, back to work. I'll check in tomorrow with a look at my newest product!


April said...

WOW Libby you certainly have a tough decision to make with all those applications you got! Enjoy your weekend and worry about all the "work" next week.

Have a great weekend and I'll be praying and thinking of you all that the lab results come back with positive news! {{HUGS}}

dianne said...

HUGS to you and Marti!
Enjoy the book - - I keep saying I won't read it til I get the first 3 re-read! ACK! Will I last?

Vany® Qualtieri said...

Your kid is going to school for the first time? This is an really important moment in your lives... enjoy it... happy for you!

Jennifer Sizemore said...

I am praying for Marti!!!!!
How did you like the book? I am almost done!

Anonymous said...

I thought it was fun even getting to apply! I can't even imagine what you had to do! Love love loving your style, so excited to see you around :)

smiles, Amy

(amystoffel on SSD)