Friday, August 29, 2008

My daughter, the bug collector

Well, middle school is in full swing around here. Last week, Kendra was given a science assignment to collect 5 insects. They were to be frozen and adhered to a foam plate (let's just stop for a moment here and take that in. *shudder*) The projects were due today.

Now, I'll be the first to tell you that there was a lot of frustration with this assignment. More than a few tears were shed as we tried and failed to collect those little creatures (hey, I'm not a bug girl... what can I say?). But alas, we managed to collect all 5 and got them frozen and attached to a plate just in time for Kendra to turn it in today.

For any of you who know my child, you know that she's always been very creative. She can't ever do something just straight up... she has to put a Kendra spin on it. Well, for this assignment, she got a little personal with her bugs and actually gave them all names (which is just morbid to me, but well... what can you do?). Her bugs were Will, Fred, Bill, Jimmy, and Timothy.

I even joked to Marti this morning that she probably didn't need to TELL people that she gave her dead bugs names.

Well I couldn't have been more wrong. As they were going over their assignments today in class, each child had a moment to tell a little about their project. Kendra told about her bugs names. Because she took that extra step, the teacher felt like she put a lot of thought into the assignment, and she got a 105%! Can you even believe that? Now granted, the teacher was taking it pretty easy on them as this was their first major project of the year. So if they followed all instructions, they pretty much got a 100%.

I'm still chuckling.


Stephanie said...

So, when are you gonna scrap about her "bug " project?! lol

Sara said...

I will straight up FAINT and DIE if they give Abby that assignment. OMG. Her grandfather will so be doing that one with her.

You know, you should scrap that.. with Robin's kit from the QA.

Cheryl said...

Hahaaaa! That is HILARIOUS! And so Kendra. And that is a gross project!

Karen said...

That is SO funny! Look at Kendra working the extra credit!!! We'll need to see a layout about it. :)