Monday, May 26, 2008

Back to work

So did everyone have a nice long weekend? I could SO get used to having an extra day off! We didn't do anything special, and I really didn't even do that much around the house. But it was just nice to have time to do whatever I wanted. You know?

Unfortunately, I'm not turning back into a pumpkin because I have to get up for work at a ridiculous hour in the morning.

Just wanted to check in and post a layout since it's been so long since I've shared one! Everything here is from Zoe Pearn's new Sugar & Spice kit available at Sweet Shoppe!


Mo said...

Glad you had a nice weekend. LOVE the pretty layout. Those flowers and swirls are TDF. :)

Anonymous said...

The l/o is gorgeous.... you do that digi thing so incredibly well! Mo had a link in her blog that sent me here and I couldn't help but wonder if se meant "that" Libby.... and she did! It has been a few years, but it is so nice to see you! Glad you and yours are doing so well :)

Bless you!

Cori Dahmen

Karen said...

Love that girly layout, Libby! Monday mornings are tough, huh?

Leslie Herbert said...

Love all that pink! cute layout!
Glad you enjoyed your day off, you totally deserve it!