Thursday, March 20, 2008

Day 7

So, I'm starting to panic a little bit as I realize that my days at home will soon be coming to an end. I'm no longer "vacationing." Now, it's just a normal weekend.

Today was a fun day. We went to the movies. I scrapped. Watched basketball all day (gotta love March Madness!). Avoided housework. Good times.

I had a bit of a revelation tonight as I was going through my pictures trying to decide what to scrap. When Kendra was little, I LOOKED for reasons to take pictures. Holidays were a gold mine because we always had tons of activities leading up to the actual big day. I could make 12 layouts out of a single holiday (and I'm talking like Easter or 4th of July... big holidays like Christmas could be worthy of their own album if I had wanted to go that route).

Seriously, back then, I whipped out the camera for everything, so when did that change? We haven't even talked about coloring eggs this year (and I'm not bringing it up), but in the past, I would've already had everything purchased just for the photo op. Going to the movies with a friend (as we did today) would've been definite picture-material. And yesterday's major haircut definitely would've gotten more than the single shot I happened to snap in the beauty shop.

I'm not sure when this all changed or why. Is it because I went back to work? Is it because the kids are older? Am I just "over" scrapbooking just for scrapbooking's sake?

I'm truly not bothered by this thought as much as I am curious as to when it changed. Will I eventually stop taking pictures altogether? (ACK! Now THAT thought bothers me).

Deep thoughts...


Stephanie said...

Maybe you will only get to stop taking pictures at work! Now that would be a page worthy of scrapping! hahaha

Janet said...

Libby - I think it's because the kids get older and they don't change as much.

In the case of teenage girls they don't like pictures unless they are "fixed" up. Mine are grown and they are still that way.

Try to snap shots of yourself with your kids and you with your parents. Now that my parents are gone I cherish those shots of us together or just candids of everyday life. Just my thoughts as an older Mom! lol