Wednesday, January 02, 2008

It's Wednesday, and I'm blogging!

Gosh, this is so weird for me. Being able to be on the computer on a work night. I'm sitting here on my sofa with my new computer (Lucille -- nicknamed Lucy) watching football.

Isn't she pretty?

I just have a couple of things to share tonight. First, this is a project I made as a year in review box. Click here for full credits.

And here's my January Treat of the Month lift for Sweet Shoppe. Here are the credits.

That's all for now! Happy New Year!


Di said...

No question about it. You are completely one of the most TALENTED gals out there! YOU ROCK!
And Lucy is GORGEOUS!!!!

stephanie said...

Ok seriously, I soooo want to be you!! I mean I am sort of!. we both married old guys 2. we work at the same place 3. we have the same van.....and now I want your laptop!! It's too cute, plus I also want to have your creativity gene. I think I was asleep when they handed that one out!! lol Have a great weekend.

Jennifer Sizemore said...

Hello LUCY!!!!!!!!

That box is AMAZING!!!!! I always love your hybrid projects - but this one blows me away!

leslie herbert said...

Oh I am in love with Lucy! YAY for you Libby!
Love the pics playing guitar hero, Zach wants that now too, I am sure it will be here soon :)
Love your box too! very cool!