Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Post-Meltdown Exhaustion

Today was supposed to be a wonderful day. I was going to sleep in, hang out with the kids, and then clean this house top to bottom. I always feel better once my Christmas stuff is out of the house, so I was actually looking forward to the cleaning in a sick sort of way.

Well, around 10:30 or so this morning, my phone rings, and it's the real estate company wanting to show my house. On the day after Christmas. When it looks like a bomb went off in my living room. Now remember, I haven't had a showing in nearly 3 months, and at any other time, my house has been ready for people to drop in pretty much unannounced. But not today.

So, I freaked out and told the realtor that they could see it if I could just have a few hours to get it presentable. (Cause trust me... it was BAD). Unfortunately, the people wanted to see it NOW, but they said that they could come tomorrow. So, I cleaned cleaned cleaned (and this was not the fun clean that I had planned, but the frantic cleaning that you do when your house is on the market). Then, late this afternoon, they called back and canceled tomorrow's showing.

I'm sure they found something else today already... from someone who was able to have their home look show-worthy the day after Christmas. And I feel like a failure because this was the ONE time that it wasn't ready to show. I know I"m being stupid, but I keep thinking that I blew our one chance to sell the house. Like it'll be my fault if we're stuck here for another year.

So, I've been in meltdown mode all day. Crying at the drop of a hat, nervous energy, can't concentrate, etc. Now, I'm just exhausted, and I'm ready to collapse. I hate feeling like this, and I'm just worn out. I'm sick of being stressed out, and I think today was just the breaking point.


Stephanie said...

That's just mean and wrong!! You don't get someone excited about a showing when they haven't had one in forever and then just cancel it!! Seriously!!! and who looks at houses the day after christmas!!

Anonymous said...

That is too weird, the day after Christmas? :hug:

Jennifer Sizemore said...

This really sucks. Who looks at houses the day after Christmas???? I'm sure the new year will bring a buyer!