Sunday, November 11, 2007

Long time, no post

I can't belive it's been so long since I last posted here! Goodness!

Nothing new on the house. We did lower the price just to see if we could get some activity. We just want OUT at this point. The commute is killing Marti, and we are spending a fortune in gas getting him back and forth.

Spent yesterday in Branson with my friend Tammy from work. Talk about fun! She is my kind of shopper. We are both the type that walk in and if we don't immediately see something we need, we move on. We hit 4 different malls, had lunch, and went to Silver Dollar City... and STILL had time to spare. We did all of that in about 6 hrs... we spent almost as much time in the car coming/going as we did actually in Branson! LOL!

So, I've got a new favorite author. Jodi Picoult. Wow. I've read 2 of her books now, and I'm in the middle of a third one. I just love her style of writing. If you haven't read anything by her, I *highly* recommend her! I've read The Pact & Plain Truth, and I'm in the middle of My Sister's Keeper now. Good stuff!

Well, today is a scrapping day, so wish me luck. I've got lots of Sweet Shoppe stuff that i need to work on!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recommendation, the books sound very interesting!

Di said...

The shopping sounds fabulous. Can I come with you next time?

Mo said...

Sorry your house is still on the market. Hope it sells soon!!!! Good Luck!

Jennifer said...

I hope the house sells soon. I know how stressful that is. But the weekend sounds wonderful!

Jennifer Sizemore said...

well, looks like it has been awhile again for a post from you ;) Fortunately for me because of the dratted cold, this one is new.

How was Branson???

Angela said...

Thanks for the author inspiration. I'll need stuff to read during Christmas vacation!!