Friday, October 19, 2007


My realtor called this morning. Which is usually good news, right? Well, she says, "Libby, I'm not sure exactly how to say this, but I felt the need to let you know that there has been a realtor arrested for stealing prescription drugs out of people's homes, and this man showed your home last week."

I stopped her right there and said, "OMG! Marti was missing a ton of medication!"

Back tracking a little... Marti has been under SO much stress lately that he's been somewhat forgetful. Not *bad* or anything, but just misplacing things and forgetting to write stuff in the checkbook. Minor stuff. So, when he told me he was missing some medication, I thought he must've just misplaced it or something. But I didn't realize how MANY he was missing until today.

Over 150 pills...

Can you even BELIEVE this???

So, I called and filed a police report. Not that they'll be able to DO anything, but at least this way they have that much more evidence against the creep.

I've got to tell you, this makes me totally uneasy about showing my house. I realize this is a rare occurrence and everything, but it makes me want to be home for all showings. I'm thinking of at least asking Linda if she would consider being present at the showings. I realize that's unorthodox, but I'm very uncomfortable letting strangers into my home now.

Marti said that from here on out, all medication will be locked in the safe before a showing. This was in the medicine cabinet.

I just feel disgusted and totally violated. People suck.


Jennifer Sizemore said...

That is just horrible. Maybe they don't have to swear not to take people's meds when they get their realtor license.

Alannah J said...

bastages! Give 'em heck Lib!

Mo said...

Holy Moly!!!! I cannot believe it!!!! I hope you can get restitution from the creep!