Friday, October 05, 2007

How can it be October???

Is it just me or has this whole year just been FLYING by? I can't believe it's Oct 5 already. Kendra already has her halloween costume (pink poodle skirt), and we're ready for the holidays!

Just a small update on our lives... Our house is officially on the market as of this week! We haven't had any showings yet, but hopefully we will soon. I am not feeling very optimistic about the whole thing, but I'm hoping for the best. Marti is REALLY wearing down from all the commuting, so I'd love to get back closer to home so that he doesn't have to start his day quite as early in the morning (today, he left at 3:30am). Not to mention, the stress is killing both of us. We both usually handle it well, but we're both showing obvious signs of stress, and I'm ready for things to settle back down.

I finally told the doctors that I work for that I'll be moving. I didn't give an official notice, but I thought it was only fair to let them know what was going on. As soon as we get an offer on the house, I'll be putting in my 2 weeks so that we can get things ready to move.

Did a little scrapping last weekend. Hope to do some more today! Here are a few of my recent projects. Full credits can be found in my gallery.

This first one is for the slogan challenge over at Sweet Shoppe.

And aren't these photos of Dianne's nephews adorable? I'm so glad she let me scrap them!

And finally, for the Sweet Shoppe Treat of the Month lift -


Di said...

Praying your house sells quickly and that the stress will LEAVE!
Love your pages!!!!

Jennifer Sizemore said...

Oh, I am sooo glad I pooped over here to catch up!! These pages are all so YUMMY!!!!! I am so inpired to scrap!

Jennifer Sizemore said...

bwaaa ha ha.
I didn't mean to type POOP. I must have confused your post with Jennifer's!