Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Good Gravy!

Whew! I just turned in my results for judging the 3rd week of the Stand Up & Scrap competition. I now have a whole new respect for the judges of the magazine contests like Hall Of Fame. That was NOT easy. I spent several hours going over each and every layout in the gallery, choosing my favorites, changing my mind, etc. I easily could've had a top 30 in each category instead of just top 10 because there were that many amazing layouts. What an awesome experience!

We had our first showing of the house over the weekend. It went well, I think. Our realtor said that they called and asked for a copy of the disclosure, but we never heard anything else after that. Hoping for another showing this weekend. I'm ready to get OUTTA HERE! :)

Broke a tooth yesterday. Dang it. I've got a dentist appt tomorrow. Praying this isn't an expensive thing, but I'm fairly certain I see a crown in my future. *sigh*

Ta ta!


Di said...

Of course we'll need the story on how you broke your tooth.

Leslie Herbert said...

Ouch on the tooth Libby! try not to stress (yea right!) praying the house sells FAST!

Jennifer Sizemore said...

Oh, ouch - sorry about the tooth!!!!