Tuesday, June 26, 2007


As some of you know, our "job" situation over the past couple of years has been very rocky. We moved to this area because Marti was offered an opportunity that was too good to pass up... unfortunately, it was also too good to be true. So, after moving to a new area and leaving our family behind, he ended up leaving that job and went into Insurance Sales. Last year was horrible, but he finally found a company this January that he really liked and seemed to do well with. Things have been going ok (not GREAT, but ok) until last week when all hell broke loose. Due to some decisions by Medicare and the government, he may be looking for a job again.

I'm SO tired of commissions and insurance sales. It's not an easy way to make a living. I long for the days when we just had a steady paycheck and knew what we had to spend. We're still paying off Marti's $15,000 hospital bill from last year that Blue Cross wouldn't cover, not to mention all the debt we've incurred while Marti struggled through the last year on VERY little income. So, this really isn't a good time for Marti to be out of a job again (not that there is EVER a good time, of course).

So, Marti has applied for another job (not in insurance). I'm praying that this works out. It wouldn't be as much money as what he was making before we moved here, but at least it would be more than he's made the past couple of years. And it would be a steady income again.

You wouldn't think my job (I'm an orthodontic assistant) would be that stressful, but it is. I don't make much, but I have to stay because of the little steady income it offers as well as the insurance benefits. Still, there are times I come home in tears (like last night), and I hate that. I so miss being a stay at home mom.


I'm sorry. I just need to vent. I hate to bother my friends with this, so I figured my own blog is a good place to get it out.

Happy Tuesday.


Di said...

You know we'll listen anytime Loubert - so sorry things are icky work-wise right now. Poo.
Prayers that Marti's new job will be fantastic!

Leslie said...

Sending Biggest HUGS to you Libby! Praying about jobs for you guys!
Hope you have a wonderful day today!

Jeannie said...

((big hugs)) Hope it gets better SOON!

Jennifer Sizemore said...

I am so sorry the work life is stressful... I hope that it gets better! Or better yet - that we win the lotto!

Mo said...

OH, Libby!!!! I'm so sorry for all this turmoil. I wish I lived closer. I'd cook you dinner. :) Hang in there! it has got to get better! Big ((((HUGS)))))

Jennifer said...

I'm sorry that you guys are still struggly with job stuff. I really don't know how I can make it better but to keep listening. Don't ever apologize for venting. It has to be hard. Hoping Marti's job works out and that things settle down soon.