Friday, June 08, 2007

Ho hum...

I knew that my creative spurt last weekend would result in a case of the "blahs" this week. I'm trying to scrap, but I'm just not feeling it. Here's one sad little page I just finished. Click Here for full credits.

So, an effort to avoid scrapping for the moment, I thought I'd play along with this week's "From Our Blog To Yours" challenge at SSD.

The prompt is "what would you do if you were given millions of dollars?"

You know, I'm just not a fancy schmancy person, so I don't think it would change our lifestyle a lot. I mean, we'd have more *stuff* but I wouldn't move to a bigger house or buy fancy cars or anything like that.

I don't even think I'd quit my job. I like what I do. I *would* probably go part-time though. I'd just love knowing that I didn't have to work. Marti would quit his (I'm sure of it).

We'd pay off all our debt, put money aside for the kids to go to college, pay off my mom & dad's debt, send my mom to the best doctors in the world to finally get an answer about what's wrong with her, and finally, we'd travel... Disney World, Nascar races, Australia, the ocean... I'd plan for 1 big vacation each year. Other than that, we'd invest (because that's what Marti does), and live off of it for the rest of our lives.

We're so practical. LOL!


Jennifer Sizemore said...

I thought you would say a CS retreat!!!! Shame on you for thinking only of yourself... wink wink.

KirstieGai said...

I don't think we'd change very much either with a huge amount of money - some people probably wouldn't even know we had money!

Jennifer said...

Yeah! What Jen said!!! And I think you need to pay for it. :) Super cute page. Just feel good knowing that you have scrapped about 100 pages more than me in the last year.

SaraAmarie said...

I think it is a great layout! Love the black background and the scalloped paper!

Getting out of debt and a little traveling sounds like a great thing to do with a million dollars! Thanks for playing! :)