Friday, June 08, 2007

Do you Twitter?

The girls over at Sweet Shoppe were talking about Twitter. It looked like fun, so I had to create my own. Still trying to figure it out, but I figure it's another thing to help me waste time online. LOL! If you sign up, please add me as your friend.

Took Kendra to see Shrek 3 yesterday. I'd heard only mediocre reviews, but I have to tell you I really liked it! Kendra was absolutely rolling through the whole thing, so that probably helped my level of entertainment. Still, I thought it was a fun movie. Probably not AS good as the other 2, but it was definitely worth seeing.

Kendra has been begging me for a new pair of Crocs flip flops. I went to the mall on Wednesday and picked up a pair, but of course, they were too small. So, we went to a DIFFERENT mall yesterday and got a different pair. Apparently, these are harder to find than I would have expected. When we finally found a store that had a pair in her size, they only had 2 color choices. Since she's not a fan of pink (sorry Jennifer), she went with the bright blue and lime green version. That wasn't her first choice in colors, but she was so happy to have a pair that she didn't care.

While we were shopping, we were walking between stores, and she says, "This is so fun." I asked her if she liked shopping, and she says, "Mom. I'm a girl. This is what girls DO."

And one other funny (I'm blogging this because this WILL be a layout, and I don't want to forget it). We're in the car yesterday and out of the blue she says, "Oh Mom! I finally figured out something that I'm allergic to." I asked her what it was (because I was COMPLETELY baffled). She says, "The smell of Africa." What??? Did she say the SMELL of Africa? Indeed she did. I asked her how on earth she was allergic to the smell of Africa, and she says, "Well, Emilee has some stuff from Africa and the smell makes me itch all over. Emilee's allergic to it, too."


And on that note, I'm going to clean my kitchen. TGIF!!!!


Rachel said...

LIBBY! I found you. Hi! lol...was seeing a lot of Chere Edwards journaling strips around-so I checked her blog out. She mentioned her good friend Libby, and I HAD to check and seeif it was you, and it was! How funny! I'll bookmark you!


DebiH said...

I totally am on the Twitter thing too! I added you. LOL about the Africa funny.

Di said...

K cracks me up!
Can't wait to see a layout about the new crocs, and one about her new ALLERGY! HAAAAAAAAA!