Saturday, June 23, 2007

Completely Random

Good morning!

Today is our 12th wedding anniversary. That's 11 1/2 more years than most people thought it would last. LOL! It's funny to me looking back... I thought I was so grown up and ready for marriage (I was 17). Now when I look at our wedding pictures, I see that I was just a baby (see below -- no laughing at the old layout!). I'm happy to say that we beat the odds though.

I'm sitting here stunned that I can't find a current (or even recent) picture of us together. It's been at least 3 years! I'll remedy that today.

In other news, I managed to do 3 layouts yesterday (that I can't post yet), and I hope to do at least 2 or 3 more today! Woo hoo! Happy anniversary to me, huh?

Have you seen Dani and Miriam's new kit? It's called Mahalo, and it is YUMMY! This is one of those times that I'm SO thankful that I'm on Dani's team now! :)

And finally, this week's From Our Blog 2 Yours challenge at Sweet Shoppe is a silly little quiz. :)

What kind of Pixie are you?

What type of pixie are you?

You are a fire pixie! You are compassionate, but love to play tricks on people! ( ohhh! look at the pretty flame..hehehe...)
Take this quiz!

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That's all from here! Happy Saturday!


Leslie said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU AND MARTI!!! have a wonderful day!

scrapgeek said...

Congratulations :)

Jennifer Sizemore said...

Happppppy Anniversary!!!!!

Mo said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!! May you have many many more!!!

And, I wish that kit was not digi!!!! It looks so fabulous! :) Have fun creating with it! :)