Friday, May 18, 2007

Random Friday stuff

Happy Friday everyone!

First of all, LOVING my new ipod. Seriously. I'm hooked. How did I survive without it? Just got a nifty little attachment so I can listen to it in my car. Life is good. :)

Secondly, hot water is an awesome awesome thing. Thank goodness we didn't have to get a whole new tank. But still, it was $200 more than I had laying around. Add that to Marti's new glasses, and it's been a very expensive week.

I just signed on at Kaboodle tonight. Have you guys tried it? It's like an online shopping list. VERY cool. A few friends got me hooked, and I'm loving it already! If you join, be sure to add me to your friends list! My username is LibbyWeifenbach (creative, eh?)

Finally, I skipped last week's "From Our Blog to Yours" challenge at SSD because I couldn't think of anything clever to write. I decided to join in again this time because I like the list format. LOL! So, here are my responses to this week's "love it or hate it" questions -

Scary Movies - Hate It. No thank you. I have NO desire to be scared. I remember a few from my childhood that scared the daylights out of me, and as a mom now, I can't believe my mother let me watch them. Of course, I'm a big chicken, so my views are probably tainted.

Amusement Parks - Love it! Who doesn't love amusement parks? I'd love nothing more than to go to Disney. That's seriously a dream vacation (hmmm... maybe I should use that to answer last week's blog challenge! LOL!) No roller coasters though please.

Valentines Day - Hate it. It's just 5 days after my birthday and 2 days before Kendra's. So, we never do anything to celebrate.

working out - Hate it. Obviously. Have you SEEN me lately?

tattoos - I'm in the middle here. I like them on other people as long as they're tasteful. I'll never have one though (see "big chicken" comment above)

guacamole - Hate it. Blech. I can't get over the appearance to even try it.

Hillary Clinton - I'm really not political, so I don't even feel right responding to this question. I do think it would be cool to have a female in the White House, but that wouldn't guarantee her my vote.

Napolean Dynamite - the movie... LOVE IT! Seriously, one of my all time favorite movies. SO many quotable lines.

Meat Loaf - HA! As the owner of a new ipod, the first thing I thought of was "Paradise By The Dashboard Light" which I happen to love. I'm also a fan of the food. LOL!

Forwarded Emails (videos, stories, etc.) - Love them... the funny ones or really good stories anyway. I don't much care for the "send this to everyone you love to prove that you are a true friend" variety. I very rarely forward messages though... and only to the few friends who I know will appreciate them as much as I do.


Mo said...

Fun stuff, Libby! :) And, YAY for hot water. ;)

Angedawn said...

Yeah a fellow Napolean fan! :) And I'm cracking up that everyone is responding as to whether they like "meatloaf and "Meatloaf the singer"... lol! :) Thanks for playing along!

Jennifer said...

Bummer about the hot water but glad you were able to get it fixed. I can't have anything but a HOT shower.

And I was impressed with your answers. Very diplomatic. However, I can't believe you don't liek roller coasters. Actually, I totally believe you don't like them. But it's still disappointing. LOL.