Thursday, May 31, 2007

It's Strip Day!

Heh heh... bet that got your attention, huh?

Thursdays are my favorite day of work. I work in an orthodontic office, and we close early every Thursday for the weekend. Getting off early is ALWAYS a good thing, but the best part is that Thursday is the day that we take off braces. We call that stripping. Out of everything we do in the office, that's probably my favorite procedure. I'm not sure what it is about it that I love. Maybe it's the procedure itself or maybe it's the fact that I get to see people SO excited about getting their braces off. Either way, I love it.

So, I'm off to work this morning to do a little stripping. Then, I'm coming home with BIG scrapping plans for the weekend. My goal is to get 6 layouts done this weekend (plus an article for ScrapJazz). Wish me luck!


Mo said...

Happy stripping!!!! ahahaha!!!! That's a great term for it!

Good Luck with your layouts and article. Is it a digi scrapping article????

have a GREAT weekend!

Di said...

How did the stripping go today?
Hee - that always cracks me up.

I'm very excited to see your pages!
Wish I had time this weekend to scrap! (not gonna happen...)