Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Brighter Day

I am now the proud owner of 1.25GB of RAM for my old computer. The guys at Best Buy were extremely helpful, and I was thrilled to pay them to install it for me (cause I'm a chicken). They also cleaned it out for me. Now it's running much more smoothly and quietly. AND I didn't have to buy a new computer. I've got some serious scrapping to do tonight to make up for wasted time!

In other (good) news... My friend Jen Sizemore recently had a contest to design a blog banner for her site. She's got a lot going on right now and just didn't have time to design one on her own. Imagine my surprise when her son chose mine as the winner (cause it was brown like dirt... ha! Love that!). So, I've now got a FABULOUS $20 GC to my very favorite digiscrapping store -- Sweet Shoppe Designs (have I mentioned that before? LOL!) Can't wait to spend it!

And finally, this has been a GREAT weekend where CT stuff is concerned. I got an email from Darcy Baldwin asking me to be her guest for June! She has some really fun handwriting fonts that I'm totally excited about using. THEN, I got an email from Cori Gammon asking if I could be her guest in July (again... VERY cool as I love the bright colors in her kits). But the best of ALL was an email I received totally out of the blue tonight -- from Robin Carlton! She invited me to join her CT, and I'm completely pumped about that. I can't WAIT to start working with her stuff!

So, while I was DYING to apply for Traci Reed's team (I'm a HUGE fan of Traci), I just don't think I can right now. Not enough hours in the day (darn that silly job of mine). I was bad about overcommitting myself with paper scrapping, and I refuse to let that happen with digi (be sure to check out the other fabulous designers I create for -- click their blinkies in my sidebar). I just want to keep having fun with it. So that means I'll just keep buying all of Traci's wonderful kits that I love so much.

Hope you guys are all having a super weekend! I hope to have some layouts to share later!


Re said...

Look at you blogging twice in a day! I'm amazed...and a little jealous that I'm not doing as well!! So intead, I sit here and make comments on your blog instead of just writing on mine.


Di said...

HOLY MOLY LOUBERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Look at you go!
Congrats on all the FUN and THRILLING digi assignments!!!!

Jennifer said...

Congrats on all of the DT stuff! They are all lucky to have you! And yay on getting your computer fixed. They aren't called the "Geek Squad" for nothing. :)