Sunday, April 29, 2007

My least favorite time of the week...

is Sunday afternoon. That means that Monday morning is right around the corner. While I love the job that I do, I really wish I could afford to be a sahm again. I miss volunteering at school, always being here to pick Kendra up at the end of the day, and helping with homework. My job is fun, but there are plenty of negatives that make me not want to go in. I'm usually reminded of those negatives about this time on Sunday (though the flip side of that is that I'm reminded of the positives around noon on Thursdays when we close for the weekend! LOL!)

I feel like I waste my Sundays because I spend so much time dreading Monday. I'm learning something new at work right now, so it's making it extra stressful. I've been thinking about that a lot this weekend, so I don't feel that I've had a lot of time to rest (silly, I know).

So, now I settle in for my Sunday night routine. I'll lay out clothes and pack lunches and then turn on Amazing Race and Desperate Housewives before heading to bed and praying that I fall asleep quickly so that I'm not too tired when that 5am alarm goes off!

(For those keeping track, this is 2 days of blogging in a row! Can I keep it up?)


Re said...


I am a faithful blog checker outer. so I will be checking ya!! :)

Thursday is only 1 day away1!

Jennifer Sizemore said...

Oh, I know exactly what you mean about Sundays! I wish every weekend was a three day weekend!!! And yeah you for posting again!

Mo said...

Ya know, I even dreaded Sunday's when I was a SAHM. Everything closes early...nothing on tv unless it's baseball season...nobody's around...I could go on and on. The good thing about being a teaching assistant is that I get summers off. Yipppeeeee! ;)