Tuesday, October 10, 2006

When it rains it pours!

As most of you know, I only started digital scrapping a couple of months ago. I was so burnt-out on paper scrapping, but I missed the creative outlet. Digi scrapping was just the answer for me.

I jumped in with both feet and have been LOVING it since day 1. At this point, I really don't care if I ever paper scrap again. I strive to make my digi pages look like my paper layouts, and I just have so many more options on the computer.

One of the reasons I was burnt-out with paper scrapping was because of the whole "publication" business. I went for 3 years pretty much only doing layouts for contests, manufacturers, publication, etc. That's a lot of pressure! After the whole PKPT fiasco, I just walked away from all of it. At that point, I told myself that I didn't care if I was ever on another DT or published another page.

So, where am I going with all this?? After digi scrapping for just a couple of weeks, I knew I wanted to start looking for a way to earn some free kits (cause there are just TOO many good ones out there, but I can't justify spending a fortune on digi stuff when I have thousands of dollars of paper supplies in my room). So, joining a Creative Team seemed like a good answer. As I posted below, my sweet friend Kathy asked me to be on her team. I was PSYCHED because she is one of my very favorite designers, and she is the one who really introduced me to digi scrapping in the first place.

This weekend, I started looking for a new gallery, and some friends pointed me in the direction of DigiShopTalk. That seems to be the happening place in the digi world, so I'm really surprised that it took me this long to find it! I posted a few layouts in a gallery there and spent a little time posting on the boards. Well, imagine my SHOCK when I started receiving CT Invitations out of the blue! By the end of the weekend, I had received SIX invites. Totally crazy!!

Those who know me know how hard it is for me to say no to things. I tend to overcommit myself, so I'm really making an effort not to do that with digi. I don't want to take the fun out of it. Still, there were some AWESOME invites in there for designers with kits that absolutely make me drool. I ended up declining 3 of the offers, but I accepted 3 more. It was SUCH a hard decision, but I'm flattered to be put in that situation.

So, now, I'm happy to report that in addition to Kathy's team, I'm also creating layouts for Jeanelle Paige, Bella Gypsy Designs, and Elemental Scraps.com. I'm so excited, thrilled, and honored!

Here are the first 2 pages I did this weekend for Jeanelle. These use her new Gift Wrapped kit. I LOVE IT!

(And for those of you who are still reading... THANKS!!!)

Off to work now! Talk to you again this weekend!


Kristi Mangan said...

awesome pages Libby! Congrats on the new design opportunities! That is so exciting!!! Maybe I should give digi-scrapping a shot... hmmm....

Cheryl said...

I'm not surprised Libby! Your stuff is fabulous - you would never know how new you are to digital scrapbooking!

Debi B. said...

AWESOME!!! Way to go, Libby!!! You rocked the paper world and now the digi world better look out! :)

Di said...

So excited for you!

Jennifer said...

Congrats on all of the new design work. Glad you are enjoying it so much!