Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Back to the real world...

Sadly, my nice long weekend has come to and end, and I'm heading back to work this morning. I didn't accomplish nearly as much as I had hoped to this weekend (though my landscaping looks much better if I do say so myself). But I only work 2 1/2 days this week, and then I'm home for 3 more. So, it's all good.

Here are a couple of the pages that I managed to finish this weekend. Pretty much everything on both of these is by Kathy Moore. If you have specific questions about the supplies, please feel free to contact me.

I hope everyone has a great week! I'll try to think of something clever to blog about between now and the weekend! LOL!


Jennifer said...

Awesome pages, Libby. I think that football is one of my new faves. And bummer about going back to work. We'll miss you.

Cheryl said...

I can't believe how quickly you picked up the digi stuff Libby. That football page is my FAVOURITE!