Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Kendra's new look

I took Kendra to the eye doctor last week because of those headaches she's been having. He said that everything I described sounded like a vision-based headache, but he couldn't find any clear cut problems. The only the he noticed was that the muscle in her left eye is just a teeny bit weaker than the one in her right eye. So, this was causing a little strain when she reads.

Because we have nothing else to try, we decided to go with reading glasses just to see if it helps get rid of the headaches. Kendra could not be happier! She picked out the cute little purple frames herself (they are not the ones I would've chosen), and she wants to wear them all the time (though we explained that she should only wear them for reading or writing).

Isn't she precious? I can hardly wait to scrap this picture this weekend!

And speaking of the weekend, I'd like to point out that in just 24 hrs, I will be leaving work and celebrating a nice LONG 4 day weekend. I love holidays. :)


Di said...

Sweet little Kendra! If I looked that sassy and adorable in glasses, I'd wear 'em all the time too!!!!

Karen said...

She IS precious!!!! She's such a cutie. Glad she's enjoying her new look. How are her headaches?