Thursday, August 10, 2006

ABCs of Me

Ever since I was a kid, I've loved filling out forms. It's weird, I know. So, it goes without saying that I'm a big fan of these "fill in the blank" things that are so popular among bloggers. We are constantly sharing them on the Classic Scrappers email group, so I thought I would post my answers to one of our most recent ones here.

[A is for age:] 28
[B is for bread of choice:] cinnamon rolls (they're bread, right?)
[C is for favorite candy:] Twizzlers or Snickers probably
[D is for your fave Disney character's name:] ??? Mickey Mouse??? I'm not really up on Disney characters
[E is for essential items you use everyday] computer, cell phone, electric toothbrush
[F is for favorite song at the moment:] Mountains by Lonestar
[G is for favorite game:] (see previous post about my love of games)
[H is for hometown:] Springdale, AR
[I is for instruments you play:] I played trumpet in jr high
[J is for jam or jelly you like:] strawberry, peach, or apple
[K is for kids:] Logan, Taylor, and Kendra
[L is for last kiss:] Kendra
[M is for your dad's and mom's jobs:] property appraiser, customer service rep
[N is for name of your first crush:] Oh my gosh! How do I not remember this?
[O is for overnight hospital stays:] 1998 when Kendra was born
[P is for phobias:]I'm not a fan of heights
[Q is for quotes you like:] I don't like quotes
[R is your relationship that lasted the longest]: my marriage -- 11 years
[S is for sugary or salty - which one?:] depends on the day -- usually sugary
[T is for time you wake up:] 5:30 on work days, 7:00 on weekends usually
[U is for underwear:] white cotton (exciting, huh?)
[V is for vegetables you love]: carrots, peas, green beans
[W is for worst habit:] talk too much
[X is for x-rays you've had:] broken arm in elementary school, dental xrays during my training
[Y is for yummy food you make:] I don't cook, but I make a mean rice krispie treat. LOL!
[Z is for favorite zoo animal:] monkeys

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Jennifer Sizemore said...

You don't need to cook when youknow how to make a rice krispy treat and can hit the drive thru! :D